bilamana perasaan 'tahu' menguasai diri..kebenaran hanya sekadar diruang lingkup 'pengetahuan' yang ada..

bilamana diri mengaku 'tahu', mana mungkin ada pengetahuan selain dari apa yg diri tahu..

bilamana diri tak tahu dia tak tahu, mana mungkin diri tahu apa yang dia tak tahu

tatkala diri tahu dia sebenarnya tak tahu, baru lah bergerak dalam pengetahuan yang maha tahu

Peaceful Mind or Jiwa Yang Tenang is our latest subliminal cd.. it came in two versions, Personalised and General. Personalised subliminal cd is a tailor made cd for the named person while General cd is open to anybody. Personalised cd is more effective than General cd because the silent affirmation is meant for specific person only dengan menggunakan nama panggilan. While General cd is using the panggilan nama yang lebih umum..

Peaceful Mind /Jiwa Yang Tenang subliminal cd boleh dipilih either 'light & easy' music background or 'zikir munajat' background.. Both cd's will surely lead you to a calm and peaceful state of mind and the silent affirmation will be imbedded within you for a permanent peaceful mind.

Personalised cd = RM150 or USD42.5
General cd = RM60 or USD17

Payment can be made through Paypal or just bank in to my account.

Peaceful Mind CD Selection

562209605561 - Mazlan

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Enjoy these free inspirational and motivating books!


Think And Grow Rich - by Napoleon Hill

This is one of the most famous self help books ever published. This inspirational book was first published back in 1937.

Hill studied the characteristics of a large number of individuals who achieved great wealth during their lifetimes and developed 15 "laws" of success intended to be applied by anybody to achieve success.

How To Be Happy - by Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony says that true and lasting happiness always comes from within. Anthony's writing reveals simple, yet profound insights that can help everyone that uses them to live a more fulfilled and happier life.

As A Man Thinketh - by James Allen This inspirational literary work from James Allen was first published in 1902. The book focuses on the power of our thoughts, and embraces the idea that we become what we think about.


Updated: Hypno-Doctor 1.07. " the Gold Standard of Subliminal Software" is now available for free. This is a complexly function version of this premium program filled with rich features including subliminal messaging and masking. There are no time limitations or crippled features!

hypno-doctor screenshotOriginal Post: Hypno-Doctor is a new software program for Windows that has a lot going for it. Hypno-Doctor combines four subliminal technologies to provide immersive hypnotherapy sessions to users.

The user can layer audio, video, visual anchors and subliminal text to create a comprehensive experience for addressing any session topic the user chooses. Within the boundaries of the four subliminal technologies,

Grid Hypno-Doctor leverages five techniques from Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). But that's just for beginners. Here are some of the other technologies either available in the software or as free downloads from the Hypno-Doctor website:

1.) Prime Mind: “Change Mental State” Audio with Brain Entrainment In order to prepare the mind for optimal conditioning, Hypno-Doctor first primes the mind with audio brain entrainment.

Audio with Brain Entrainment is the ability to use audio to manipulate a person's brainwaves. Over 70 years ago scientists noticed that audio and brainwaves can have a similar relationship as the “pendulum effect” in physics. The “pendulum effect” represents the fact that if you start two pendulums in close proximity to one another at two different rates, over time the two pendulums will settle on a common rate of motion. This means that the two pendulums in effect synchronize with each other to swing in a uniform motion. Similarly, scientists found that a human brain exposed to an audio frequency will cause the brainwaves of the subject to synchronize with the rate of the audio frequency.

Mind_diagram 2) Subliminal Text is simply exposing the user to text flashing faster than they can consciously process the meaning of the text. As illustrated in figure on the right, the subliminal text is delivered directly to the subconscious mind. The following techniques are used:

Direct Suggestion” with subliminal scripts The Hypno-Doctor™ team has researched and developed a series of subliminal scripts that take the form of direct suggestions. These suggestions are phrased in the positive or the negation style and from the first or second person.

The direct suggestion technique is highly effective to bring about a positive change. The properly worded suggestions are delivered to the subconscious mind and systematically break down negatives while replacing them with positives. The patient is optimally transformed in the minimal time required for change.

Repetition Hypno-Doctor™ has the ability to leverage the “mere exposure effect” by cycling through the direct suggestions over many iterations. In this way, the patient is exposed to each of the 60 direct suggestions 10 times within a single 30 minute session. Now that is the “mere exposure effect”!

Masking for increased effectiveness If you stare directly at a light for a few seconds and then close your eyes, you will see a visual afterimage. This visual afterimage is really a footprint left after retinal activation. This issue can cause problems for subliminal delivery software on slower machines. In order to compensate for this limitation, masking is used. Masking is used to counteract the visual afterimage after retinal activation. This is accomplished by subjecting the patient to an additional random image immediately after the subliminal stimulus is presented. The mask acts as camouflage by interrupting the visual afterimage during retinal activation.

3) Reinforce Message: “Create Associations for Lasting Change” with Visual Anchors The NLP Home Page Glossary defines "anchors" as any stimulus that is associated with a specific response. Anchors happen naturally, and they can also be set up intentionally, for example, ringing a bell to get people's attention, or more subtle, standing in a particular place when answering questions. Anchoring is the process of associating an internal response with some external trigger (similar to classical conditioning) so that the response may be quickly, and sometimes covertly, re-accessed. Anchoring can be visual (as with specific hand gestures), auditory (by using specific words and voice tone), and kinesthetic (as when touching an arm or laying a hand on someones shoulder.)

Video media has unlimited possibilities for users. Users are able to reinforce subject matter with subliminal technology.

hypno-doctor media4) Guided Imagery Hypno-Doctor leverages guided imagery so the mind can affect the body when visualized images evoke sensory memory, strong emotions or fantasy. Imagery has been said to cause many types of changes in the body, including alterations in breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, metabolism, cholesterol levels and functions of the gastrointestinal system, immune system and endocrine system. A goal of guided imagery is to use the senses of touch, smell, sight and sound to achieve a tranquil state.

There are two versions of the software. Hypno-Doctor Pro comes with wealth of extras which include:

  1. 6 Complete Immersive Hypno-Therapy Sessions
  2. 360+ Powerful Subliminal Messages To Positively Influence Your Subconscious Mind
  3. 50+ Categories to Create Your Own Hypno-Therapy Sessions
  4. 19+ Visual Anchors to Reinforce Your Hypno-Therapy Sessions
  5. Brain Entrainment for each Session

Download Hypno-Doctor 1.07 Completely Free! Just click on this link (Note: Either save the installer for later use or just run the program. This is completely certified safe software)