bilamana perasaan 'tahu' menguasai diri..kebenaran hanya sekadar diruang lingkup 'pengetahuan' yang ada..

bilamana diri mengaku 'tahu', mana mungkin ada pengetahuan selain dari apa yg diri tahu..

bilamana diri tak tahu dia tak tahu, mana mungkin diri tahu apa yang dia tak tahu

tatkala diri tahu dia sebenarnya tak tahu, baru lah bergerak dalam pengetahuan yang maha tahu
HMS satu lagi brain tools software..this is for those who want to upgrade kekuatan otak masing-masing..Kurang lebih sama dengan Subliminal Blaster, but of course it differs from Subliminal Blaster.. Actually aku pernah guna this software around 2004 dulu..You know what.. it surely ada kesan yang POSITIVE..

Sekarang ni aku just share about the software. It's called BRAIN BULLET.. By using this software, it is more simple than hypnosis session but more powerful dan tak perlu nak meditate. Just install the software, pilih saranan atau pun tulis sendiri saranan yang korang semua mahu, then run the software.. all those affirmation akan di'flash' pada skrin randomly..

Want to learn faster than ever before? Read at greater speeds? Control your emotions as simply as flicking a switch? Improve your physical performance and strength? Look great and lose that weight?

Or, maybe you just want to gain the "edge" over your competition in business.

Maybe it excites you to develop super-slick sales skills, have sentences roll off your tongue like an articulated wordsmith, conquer your fear of public speaking, or work faster - in a shorter space of time?

Here are just a few of the many things you can have Brain Bullet "train" your mind to help you to...

Conquer your fears! — abolish your fears without therapy! Fear spiders or snakes? Hate public speaking, or small spaces? Detest flying, or heights? Luckily, your fear is no more real than the thought process that creates it. Brain Bullet destroys it at the source!

Alter your personality — is there something you dislike about yourself? That cranky mood in the morning? The way you react around the opposite sex? The "mind freeze" you experience when you need your wits most? Brain Bullet can train your mind to alter your seemingly "automatic" reactions to every day events... giving you ultimate self-control.

Improve the speed and clarify of thought — what if you could clear away the mental fog, pump yourself with positive thoughts, and correct emotional imbalances... how much more happy and energized would you be? How much easier would it be to make the decisions that affect your life? How would your relationships with people improve?

Empower your physical self — there's research that suggests the mind-body link is so strong, that your "thoughts" can literally alter your physical body. What if it's possible for you to improve your immunity, strengthen your body, even build muscle tissue and zesty health, at the click of a button? Experimenting with this power is easy with Brain Bullet!

Master new skills and talents — is there something you'd really love to be great at, but think you lack the skill or talent to engage in? Brain Bullet enforces your self-belief, which has been proven to have a dramatic effect on your results. This reaffirms your strengths.

Attract the opposite sex! — are you shy around men/women? Have trouble talking to or meeting your potential mates? Or maybe you attract the wrong kind of people into your life, and your relationships always seem to crash and burn? With Brain Bullet, you could enjoy supreme self-confidence, improve your lingual abilities — even improve your looks!

Gain a new zest for life! — what if you could banish problems from your life with ease? What if you were invincible to stress and tension, and renew your life with a vigor that you didn't know could exist? Live an exciting, rewarding, an adventurous life, in THIS life-time!

Enjoy an incredible edge in business — learn new knowledge easily, adapt strongly to new strategies, improve your creativity and marketing, string together more persuasive pitches, speak at ease in public, deliver confident presentations, and so much more...

BAYANGKAN...With The power of Brain Bullet you can...

Destroy bad habits in a flash! — Stomp out bad habits for good. Do you smoke, and desperately want to quit? Do you have a tendency to get angry at the slightest irritation? Maybe you can't keep your paws off the chocolate cake? Destroy habits, struggle-free!

Control your emotions with ease — Want unlimited happiness, at the touch of a button? How about joy, elation, calm, or excitement? Dissolve problems of the past and set yourself free from stress, tension and worry. Enjoy new waves of happiness, now!

So guys..for those who are really interested in upgrading their brain ability..I'll suggest korang guna le Brain Bullet ni.. kalo rajin cari (cuba le tanya kat 'kongsipantas', memang ada yang lanun)
tapi aku memang tak galakkan lanun-lanun nih..hehe

The link to the developer's website is in Brain Bullet

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